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Buyers told us they wanted priced property. Not a tender situation; not to have to submit a closed envelope to wait for a successful outcome. They wanted surety and transparency of price. We listened.


We listened to people who had their hearts set on a home and missed out on properties at auction, or found themselves trying to buy land but been disappointed when the actual price was way higher than they expected it would be.


Our prices range from $190,000 to $265,000.


The buying process at Sentinel Park is straightforward.


The sections are very competitively priced. If you like one, phone Vicki on 0275 842 547 and make an offer. She will sign you up for the site of your choice.

It’s as easy as that.


Prices are not negotiable.

10% deposit is payable when you go unconditional.

Quartz Develoment Group
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